Welcome to Brands Academy
Welcome to the official website of Brands Academy, premier brand management consultancy in India. Our portfolio of corporate branding services includes design and development of brand strategy and brand architecture, name development, market research and implementation of brand positioning and repositioning campaigns to win the hearts of different target audiences.

Our extensive experience in corporate branding extends into several industries spanning both consumer and business to business (B2B) domains. We have a client list of over 40 companies and a portfolio of over 100 brands, more than any other branding company in India.
This is Just In

Brands Academy has planned many initiatives in the year 2011 and is looking for strategic partners in its various ventures including the launch of over 100 web portals, market research studies across various sectors of the Indian Economy, organising a spate of seminars and workshops on Branding in various cities in India and the launch of MegaBrands India. If you feel you could be a strategic partner in any of these initiatives, please contact us today for a discussion on how we can work together.