Advertising and Publicity are the two most important communications tools available to marketers. Both of them are crucial to effective brand building as they allow a brand to reach out to large audiences by using the mass media as a vehicle.

Traditionally, the majority of marketers relied primarily upon advertising to spread awareness about their brands. This used to work till the audiences weren’t bombarded by advertising messages day in and day out and almost everywhere they go. And then, the audiences grew smarter and effectively blind to most of the display advertising because of the perception that advertisers buy their way into the media.

Publicity, on the other hand, has slowly been gaining ground as an effective tool for building successful brands because of its inherent strengths of being perceived as more reliable compared to advertising and the fact that audiences trust more in what a journalist has to say about a brand than in what the brand owner ‘thinks’ about his brand and ‘says’ through advertising.

If intelligently used together, both tools can create a valuable and huge impact in effective brand building as they can create a powerful synergy. This is what we sincerely believe in at Brands Academy and this is what we help our clients to learn and utilise in their brand building efforts.

We have on our team, experts from the domains of Advertising and Public Relations with over 100 man years of experience in representing some of the most vibrant brands in India.

Please contact us today to discuss how you can better use your advertising budget in creating more impact through utilising some of the funds in effective PR campaigns.
This is Just In

Brands Academy has planned many initiatives in the year 2011 and is looking for strategic partners in its various ventures including the launch of over 100 web portals, market research studies across various sectors of the Indian Economy, organising a spate of seminars and workshops on Branding in various cities in India and the launch of MegaBrands India. If you feel you could be a strategic partner in any of these initiatives, please contact us today for a discussion on how we can work together.